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How to choose the perfect red lipstick!

I don't care what anyone says, there's a red lippy out there for everyone! Lets delve into how's and why's of red lipstick and ultimately find the best choice for you...

Probably the first thing you're going to want to figure out is wether you have cool, warm or neutral skin. Once you have this figured out you're ready whip out the perfect red!

One great way to figure out what undertone you are is to look at the underside of the wrist. If you can see a bluish or purple toned veins then you are more than likely 'cool toned'. If you have green veins you're 'warm toned'. If you're 'neutral toned' then you will have a mix of both.

For a warm toned person you will look amazing with warmer coloured reds; think coral, orange, fire engine reds or warm brown reds

For cool tones; you guessed it, cool toned reds! This means reds with a blue undertone to them. Think plum reds, crimson reds, cool brown reds, pinky reds.

For neutral tones, you're a lucky bunch! You're likely to suit them all, it will just come down to personal preference.

The next thing you're going to want to think about is texture. Do you want a stain, satin, high gloss or matte finish?

For something that's a little more understated you may want to opt for a stain, this will give you a wash of colour a little like you've been eating a red lolly pop or ice block. Perfect for day time or a low maintenance look!

If you want your lips to look well nourished and not dry out throughout the day/night you might want to opt for a satin. This will give you a full opaque look with a slightly moisturised look. Great if you have smaller lips. (But of course you can opt for this if you've got bigger lips also!)

High gloss is not for the faint of heart. This finish will really pack a punch! It will also give your lips the illusion of looking much fuller, so another great option for smaller lips. Always be aware to fully line you're lips to avoid any 'feathering' where you lipstick runs outside your lip line. To keep this look up to date you may want to keep the rest of you're makeup fairly matte

A matte lips can be really awesome, especially for the bigger lipped ladies. Of course smaller lipped lasses can also wear this finish, you may want to very slightly over line your lips with a pencil otherwise it can make your lips look much smaller than they actually are. The benefit of a good matte lip is that they are made to last; If you want it to last through the apocalypse this is the one! Bear in mind that some of them can be particularly drying so it's best to apply on well moisturised and prepped lips.

Good luck on finding the best option for you!

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