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How to help your makeup last ALL day

-Dab don’t swipe…lets face it, there’s likely to be tears on your big day! A sure fire way to smear your makeup all over your face is to rub your eyes. Not ideal! The best thing you can do if you shed some tears is to just dab under your eyes very gently with a tissue. It’ll get rid of the tears and stop your makeup from smudging and streaking.

-Get your makeup artist to spray your face with an appropriate finishing spray. My favourite is the Skindinavia “bridal” spray. I describe it as hairspray for your face (it’s definitely not hairspray so please don’t use a hairspray in place of a finishing spray!)

-If you tend to get shiny it’s a good idea to have some blotting papers and/or powder. Just remember to make sure it’s translucent powder so it doesn’t create any “flashback” from cameras.

-If you’re more on the dry side you may want to refresh your makeup with a spray like M.A.Cs Fix+ Spray. They make them in small carry sizes (30ml) so it’ll easily fit in a small bag.

-Definitely get your artist to use waterproof mascara and long wearing foundation.

-Have a top up lippy on hand. There’ll be a lot of hugging/kissing/eating going on and when it inevitably wears away you’ll want to give it a refresher! You can use long lasting lipsticks, but a lot of people (me included!) tend to find them very drying and uncomfortable. I find it much easier to do the occasional top up for a “fresh” look.

-Try and avoid touching your face, it’s likely to wear away much quicker that way!

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