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So you've had your what??

Take notes! By this I mean check in every couple of hours, check how the foundation is wearing. Is it getting shiny anywhere? Is it creasing anywhere? Make sure you write those things down as they'll really help your artist taylor your skin care, primer, foundation and finishing products to you personally. Check your eyes, is there any transfer happening? Your artist might need to prime your eyes differently.

Take photos in all different lights - indoor/outdoor, with and without the flash on (just make sure you're facing the light source and there's no lights casting shadows on your face as it can distort the look of the makeup). Your makeup will look different in all these situations. Make sure it looks just as good in camera as it does in person!

Try and wear your makeup for the same duration you'd wear it on the day of your wedding. If you see things fading or changing there might be a way of extending the wear.

When it comes to hair; if you have it in a downstlye, take note on how long it lasts. If you have it curly/wavey how did they drop? Did they drop to the level you wanted or a bit too much? Your artist will be able to use a smaller or larger wand depending on this information. If your hair is up; were there any areas that loosened? Or any areas that are uncomfortable to wear? Do you want more body in certain areas or maybe less?

Report back to your artist! Let your artist know how it lasted and wether you want to change anything. Your artist will be able to adjust the look accordingly. At the end of the day it's all about you and we want you to feel comfortable and look the best version of you for the whole day!!

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